Tea by the Sea at the Getty Villa

Tea by the Sea
A few weeks ago was my annual tea outing with my mom, Debbie and Kim (see previous tea outings: Queen Mary, Beverly Hills Hotel Polo Lounge and Millennium Biltmore Hotel). Kim found another spectacular location which was The Getty Villa, not to be confused with The Getty Center. They have a Tea by the Sea which I have to say is a little misleading. We were above the cafe on the 2nd floor with lots of windows but no view of the ocean. They have a set menu and tea and only one tea time at 1pm.

At 2:30pm, we had a culinary-inspired garden tour led by a gentleman named Robert who was very informative. He talked about the ancient Romans and how they used herbs for cooking and medicine. After our tour we were free to explore the museum on our own.
Tea by the Sea2

The Tea by the Sea is a tribute to the Villa’s past. The Villa is modeled after a first-century Roman country house and the tea menus are inspired by what would have grown in those times.

It was another fabulous tea outing spent with great company. As Kim said, “Beautiful property, beautiful view and beautiful weather!”

Queen Mary

Queen Mary
Happy 3rd Blogoversary to me! While I’ve been too busy eating to post much in the last year, I thought today would be a perfect time to update my site. (See previous blogoversary posts: Lego Marshmallow Pops, Pistachio Ice Cream and The Original Chex Party Mix.)

I have been to the Queen Mary many times for all sorts of occasions including my senior prom, an engagement party, a wedding and even a funeral. This latest outing was for my bi-annual tea with my mom, Debbie and Kim in December. (See previous tea outings: Millennium Biltmore Hotel and Beverly Hills Hotel Polo Lounge)

RMS Queen Mary is a retired ocean liner that sailed primarily in the North Atlantic Ocean from 1936 to 1967. Queen Mary was officially retired from service in 1967. She sailed for the last time to the port of Long Beach, CA, where she remains permanently moored. The ship now serves as a tourist attraction featuring restaurants, a museum, and hotel. The ship is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

The Queen Mary Tea Room did not disappoint. It was a rainy day but cleared up just before arriving at the ship. We sat near a window which overlooks the Queensway Bay. The four of us all had the Windsor Tea; they also serve lunch. The staff here was quite attentive and was able to get us what we needed before we really needed it. As usual we were all quite stuffed by the end of our visit.

Queen Mary2

There is currently an exhibit with Princess Diana memorabilia. While we did think about going, Debbie and Kim said they had gone to Kensington Palace while they were in England in 2002. I said I had been there in 2001. We all thought it would be similar to what we had already seen.